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Kinky tour on Airbnb experiences

Yes, you read that right. They are progressive enough to know that this sort of role play makes great theater. And, who doesn’t want a little theater experience on their vacation.

We’ll be visiting various dungeons and playspaces in SF and Oakland California in order to give people a glimpse  behind the scenes of the BDSM scene in the Bay Area. It’s pretty much the same everywhere since the time of the Marquis de Sade (looking forward to seeing how many ask the right question here ;).

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Airbnb BDSM experience:


New merchandise up

Don’t you want to squeeze something soft at night? Or hang a little bauble with my image on it? Perhaps you want that signature G-string that brings me such good fortune. Here’s your chance. Be sure to drop by for an autograph, for just a few pennies more  … BaddGrammaMerchBunPillow

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It’s all true. In addition to cash, check or paypal you can now swipe or be billed for therapeutic role play sessions. Book your escape now and feel the sensual warmth of Badd Gramma envelope you …


Downtown Berkeley Is for Lovahs

This is a great little list!

Pretty as a Peanut

A sexy walking tour of Downtown Berkeley with a BDSM option

Tour Map.png Image courtesy of Diana Clock

Last year I had a great idea for Valentine’s Day: a “sexy” walking tour of Berkeley. My (now ex-) boyfriend wasn’t into it, and my dream was deferred. What the fuck, right? It’s true.

This year I’m single. What the fuck? It’s true. I’d be thrilled if some lovebirds out there followed my dirty-walking-tour route and Tinglered, tubbed and tarped it up.

missouri-lounge Sausage, Photo Courtesy of Juana S.

Start at Missouri Lounge (#1) because they are the self-proclaimed kings of “cheap and smooth.” I don’t know what you like to drink, but I think tequila shots are a good idea. Sausage on your mind? Order a “Naughty Hoagie.” You’re here for some dirty talk about what to purchase at the next stop. For example:

Partner 1: I want to dress as Lumpy Space…

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My new book on Amazon

It’s here! My first chap book. And of course, it’s self-published so please be kind 🙂  Oh, definitely NSFW since it’s including photos and erotica.

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Thankful for Face Sitting

It’s all true. I’m very thankful for discovering face-sitting. It was one of my first paid BDSM gigs. I’d never heard of the term prior to answering the Craigslist ad but was curious and really needed the $250 paycheck. I travelled to Pleasant Hill and spent about 2 hours with the young man who was so enthusiastic about the practice. So were his BLOG followers who had passcodes to special pages that included video of face-sitting scenes for paying subscribers (something I’m working on too BTW).

At any rate, not only is it enjoyable for me, it opened my eyes and my heart to a segment of men I never knew existed – those who “worship” women. There’s a lot of overlap in that area of BDSM. Basically if a man is into body worship he’s going to be delighted if you sit on his face.

Enter a caption

RIGHT: Facesitting painting by Heinrich Lossow (1840–1897)

The concept of being “worshiped” in any way, shape or form was totally foreign to me prior to going into the BDSM service business full time (my original ads talked mostly about flogging and other more common forms).

And, the best part? The men who are into body worship generally extend their reverence outside the bedroom. In other words, they tend to worship or revere women, in general. They see more value than most, and consider women to be akin to Goddesses rather than little men without the same parts who ought to be capable of paying half the bills and doing everything they can (seems to be a common requirement of young men today but that’s a topic for another day).

So, as long as we continue to operate in a Capitalist society I’m grateful that this line of work exists. It not only helps pay my bills and is enjoyable, but it’s truly opened my mind to possibilities beyond the bedroom.

For more on The Oakland Hetaira aka BaddGramma:  Justine on Youtube


Monogamy. So 1999

All relationships require negotiation. But, when I was in the relationships that looked really solid from the outside, I was actually negotiating less and settling for less 90% of the time. Those are shitty odds by any standard.
My existence was primarily based on implied agreements and assumptions. That put me at risk emotionally and physically.
I could go years feeling like I never even knew my one and only monogamous lover. I’d find ways to justify it or couch it in terms that made sense. Mostly I seem to have lived in a fantasy world imbued with all the Disney nonsense one could imagine. Ugh
Eventually the mystery would not be enough to keep me interested and I’d seek outside stimulation. Sometimes it was just intellectual but often sexual and always intimate, whether physical or not. Who is it, the Catholics, who say you can experience a “sin of the mind” as well as “the flesh”.
And I knew I’d be committing “sins of the flesh” from the get-go. Does everyone have that conversation with themselves the night before the “big day” (i.e. the white wedding which you’d better believe I wanted as desperately as every other mortal female)?
I asked myself, in my heart, if I thought I could be faithful and only have sex with one man the rest of my life and said no. No fucking way, pardon the pun. That sounded like insanity and I was pretty sure my fiance was having the same conversation in his head, or had the same conversation to be more exact (this was his second go-round in the monkey suit in a church to say vows before God & man).
But, I went ahead and did it anyway. After all, we’d already bought the farm, literally. We were co-owners of a 3 bedroom home. We were co-parenting each-others little ones from prior relationships – his the marriage, mine a high school romance with an older man that broke really bad thanks to cocaine and other faulty decisions).
So, we got married and did what every other respectable couple in America does … the “don’t ask don’t tell” method of polyamory or “foolin’ around” as we called it back then. Sad, how we alternately made light of and scorned our condition of wanting and needing to love more than one, or at least have sex with more than one.
How about you? Are you in, or have you ever been in, an open relationship? Swinger marriage? Polyamorous agreement? How did you communicate the most important details? Or, do you have as many implied agreements and unspoken assumptions as I once did? Warning. That last question is here to make you think about learning from my mistakes. Assume nothing, kids. Because the old saying it “makes an ass out of you and me” still holds true, even as we close out 2016.


Kinky Salon Halloween 2016

What a great event, as per the usual. People were friendly and funny and welcoming, especially my PAL for the evening. We even got crafty, making necklaces that told others what we were into.

This time I went alone, as a patron and not a volunteer. That way I was able to experience most everything including the play room where yes, there was an actual orgy going on. Well, sort of. People didn’t seem to be mixing it up much but it’s hard to tell in a sea of bodies.

I had a beautiful younger man on one side and a gorgeous woman, my age, on the other. What a satisfying scene that was, and though I’ve had threesomes before this was different. I was the center of attention, not the man.

As for the event, the costumes were great as always with the guy who was a bathroom wall with glory hole (and “dick” peeking through!) being the stand out. I also loved Little Red Riding Hood with the head of a wolf in her basket. Brilliant. I was a witch but didn’t get the best selfies as you can see. Next time I’ll be sure to get help with the technology at the event – an ipod photo-booth.

Hearing Polly Superstar speak and see her in action was fabulous as well. We’re truly fortunate to have her here in Oakland on a regular basis. I’d met her at a picnic in SF and didn’t realize at the time I was in the midst of a Goddess, prophet, thought leader – and yes superstar! – at the time. She just seemed like another fun, kinky gal at the fete, which she was 🙂

The DJ, dancing, entertainment. All of it was amazing. I chatted with a few afterward and discovered they stayed to play too. Life can be so amazing when you decide to enjoy it, go with your desires when they don’t have others, and just commit to being a true pleasure seeker. I’m going to keep striving for that more than ever. Won’t you join me?

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