Re-platformed then de-platformed AGAIN. Oh youtube

Do they use uncaring bots for this sort of thing? I used to think this was about flagging by mine enemies but who knows. The constant up and downs are not fair to people like me – semi//disabled and unable to find/keep adequate employment. Youtube is the only real game in town so if this “small business owner” wants to compete it’s necessary. To keep those at the bottom of the ladder, on the margins or in other ways distasteful to the self proclaimed cognoscenti at Google/Alphabet/Youtube is dangerous. Dangerous for anyone who might find themselves unable to provide for themselves or their family. You could be me some day! Or you sister, mother, aunt, grandma, daughter …

Here’s the problem with Youtube. They know who I am. We’ve been interacting since the dawn of the internet. From the before time when I was a journalist, techie, instructor and more.

I am a grown ass woman. If I want to make a living on onlyfans who are they to squash me under the name of being “family friendly”. How is pretending sex doesn’t exist good for anyone 15 and over (youtube’s demographic).

Goddess Justine Badd Gramma does what she does as a choice. She’s serving a need, teaching people, learning every day and taking care of herself. Fully independent. Fully informed. Not protected by the big guys. In harms way.

Time for those in tech, privacy and journalism and those who truly have the less fortunate at the mercy to think twice. Time to support the weak instead of trying to keep them down. #fulldecrim #letussurvive #sexworkiswork #fosta #censorship #aclu #onlyfans

The pg-13 channel in question:

I won!

Can’t believe it really but Youtube agreed with my appeal. My channel has been restored and so has my motivation to create content! Remember folks – always fight injustice even when you think it’s futile. Occasionally “the little guy” gets a win. And if there are enough of us we can make change for those who come after us! PS remember to like and subscribe!!

De-platformed by youtube again

This is getting tiring. Had another channel brought down by their conservative censors. Wish they cared about free speach. Wish there was another option for me. But Youtube is the only game in town. As a small business owner, I need to be on there. Not all my content on onlyfans is “adult”. Why do they care? I just don’t get it. Here’s the appeal I wrote. We shall see if they reinstate my channel.

My content is so tame compared to a lot of what’s on your platform. It feels like you’re discriminating based on my age and occupation (fetish model). Your demographic does not include many children to say the least. So why be so conservative? Oh yeah FOSTA/SESTA perhaps. Have you ever considered the needs of the less fortunate like me (senior, disabled, trying to get by)? Have you ever considered championing a cause like free speech? Look. Sex work (including nude modeling) truly is work and we’ll always be around. Right now we’re being forced to sit at the back of the bus but I’ll continue to take my seat where I should rightly be placed. Censorship has no place in this world. Change your policies and let us have a little PG13 fun on youtube. This certainly has me thinking about cancelling my youtube subscription for (you see? I’m not hiding. I’m a real person. And independent. A small business owner who pays taxes. Widow. Grandma of 7. Reinstate me please!

Oh and my onlyfans?






Fuzzy heart

Looking at my late husband’s photo I realize I may not be able to “get over” his death. The shots go fuzzy even when they sit there.

We had love beyond measure. Was the day to day easy? No! But if it is that’s indifference right?

I wonder if he would think I “deserved” what my close friend Mary Anne B. and his friend Conrad C. had to say in the end?

It still breaks my heart that they thought we had was not genuine. It was. And I’ll never be able to fake it or feel it with anyone else I imagine.

There’s only one true love. And when it’s over it’s over. Miss you Bobby Angel. You truly knew how to treat a woman. A rare thing in this world!

Another Youtube appeal

This latest one (for having yet another channel terminated/cancelled) was written with a little help from a Fan on Onlyfans. I just love those folks!

Of note: Youtube did not allow an appeal of channel cancellation in the past. The other thing that has changed since the last cancellation is their addition of a 2nd layer of attempts on their part to shield content like mine from children. First they ask if it’s geared towards kids then if it should be marked 18 and over.

So I have to ask Mr. Youtube – why “pull the plug” on my channel? Is it because trolls are flagging me? (That’s how videos get pulled from what I understand).

At any rate seems obvious human eyes will be reading the appeal essay they ask for. They’ve worked in the past to have videos restored. Or maybe I’m just spinning my wheels and they re-instate every video appeal. I guess we’ll never really know what goes on “behind the curtain”. But one thing’s for sure they’re still the only game in town so I can’t just throw my hands up and boycott them.

The appeal:

Sex positive. No SWERFS. Me too. Before reading any further, are you familiar with these terms and what they mean to people, like me, who have been pushed to the margins? Those who cannot find regular employment in Silicon Valley, or elsewhere? May I also ask if you are a gamer? What sexy fun that world looks like online! But it’s only younger women, especially large busted animee style gals. I just don’t fit in there.

Oh, and I’d also love to know if you, or your coworkers at Google, have ever watched porn just for fun or pleasure? On another note, surely you feel “rules” in business life should be black and white. There should be an even playing field right? Especially on the biggest video platform ever, Youtube… Maybe some of your answers to these questions are a hard no and that’s fine. We’re all entitled to our opinions. I just want to appeal to your sense of fairness and logic. Back to my being too sexual and getting cancelled, yet again. Did you know that some people are asexual and get bullied for that too? After all your “sexy” is not my “sexy”, and that’s ok right? Not cool. Everyone should be able to do their own thing. Sex is a natural part of life but if you’re not into it I’m not going to judge. Kink shaming, slut shaming, and sex worker shaming have no place in 2021 right?

If you watch any streaming service it’s all fun and games and the cool kids think sex work is just work. But not youtube? What gives? So many conflicting message. Or is it truly that you find it repulsive that someone my age would be sexual? I hope not because when you get older I assure you that it will be the opposite. Or at least hopefully it will be!

Look. The rules here are just not clear. And yes it’s a Capitalist economy and your platform so you can refuse to give service to whomever you wish but the market is so skewed in your favor Youtube. Give an old gal a break!

So, um yeah. This is why I’m appealing to your sense of humanity, logic and fairness in restoring my channel. Let everyone’s favorite sexy grandma do her thing. I’ll continue to mark my videos for over 18 and “not for kids” and I’m sure my fans who are missing me right now will be forever grateful. These are tough times, and for some I am the only “intimate” human connection they have. Don’t leave them alone and feeling abandoned once again. Please have a heart!

[note: slightly beefed up version here]

Youtube channel growth

My new channel is growing every day. Are you a subscriber? If you love empowered older women why not?!

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