Live radio spot 7/12/18 7pm PST

I am delighted to announce I’ll be a guest on The Swinger Lifestyle Radio Show this Thursday from 7 to 8pm PST. Please call in with questions or comments to (646) 690-2976. The show can be listened to live from at or by downloading the TuneIn app and selecting the City World Radio Network channel. It will also stream directly from their website in addition to being made available on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.



My 1st Orgy

Curated and enjoyed my 1st real orgy the other day. Happened on a small yacht on the San Francisco Bay. Started out as woo girls, flashing the Coast Guard and others. Catch that KRON-4?

We laughed, we danced, we drank and we ate cake. We named each other’s body parts and reveled in each other’s beauty and sense of play.

In attendance were two amazing women, two men and me for a total of five. Only I got truly wet or showed it hehehe. Mostly it was BDSM and lots of nipple sucking. Mine of course!

We relished in reckless abandon on a weekday afternoon when we all managed to squeeze out a few hours between meetings, marketing, clients and jobs. And we all just can’t wait to do it again!

This kind of joie de vivre is absolutely the best revenge in life wouldn’t you say? The ultimate way to rebel.

Go do it. Have that moment. Grab onto your hedonistic side and let it carry you away while you still can. If it’s anything like day this you’ll surely feel ecstatic too!

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A party without a cake is just a meeting. – Julia Child


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New collaborator, partner

It is my pleasure to introduce my newest Double Domme and live performance partner Master Acecaria or “Ace” for short. She’s a petite dynamo, with a quick wit, cool heart, ready smile and multiple black belts in TaeKwonDo. As Master of the Dojo she’s long been a natural dominant, and as you can see by her stunning photographs she can present as truly femme or as a handsome little butch. You’ve never seen such might in someone who stands 5’3″ and weighs 111 lbs. Prepare to feel small and become our bitch!
And just when you thought it couldn’t get more exciting, in addition to double dominatrix activities, we are offering LIVE LESBIAN SHOWS to certain clientelle. That’s right. You get to watch while we give each other pleasure! So if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to satisfy a woman like me you want to be in on this “master class”. Learn from the best right?!
Inquire for rates and application.
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Dominatrix day on the Bay

Did you know I run a monthly support group for them Dom’s called the fem Dom salon? If you are a female or feminine and a dominant, professional or not you are welcome! I tend to feel all sex workers dominate as well. Don’t be shy. At any rate our last one was a field trip on a small yacht. Nothing like being on the water with other amazing women. It was an intimate crowd with two professional dominatrixes, one budding femdom and two lovely Subs. Yes there was Champagne, wine and cheese. No caviar this time but there will be in July. No meeting in June since it falls on Father’s Day.

In the meantime if you would like to book a session or talk about working together please visit my website and or email Oakland Justine at

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Travelling Dominatrix

I feel it’s time for me to experience that. I just went to Paris but couldn’t wrap my head around working. Really needed a vacation anyway. Enjoyed this zine but didn’t run across much BDSM along the way. But the best stuff is always hidden right?

If I were to travel, how excited would you be? Send me a missive through my website and maybe we can make a date my dear slave


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Censored! XXX

Censored by whom you ask? One of the major advertising venues. One of two now thanks to FOST. Soon AT&T will be selling phone books with escort ads again!

As for e**s, they also like to zoom in close and act as the PUBIC HAIR police.Women’s crotches are only welcome when waxed.


My words that will be published elsewhere:

Whether on top, topping from the bottom or reigning down upon you, gratitude and ecstasy are all you’ll feel. Be seen, truly seen, with no judgement or shame. All body types, ages, welcome.

Please visit my website or email for procedures on how to be considered as one of my beloved servants. I am fully INDEPENDENT and work as a writer and poet as well. Nest up? The great American Novel …

SOME of the fun, sexy, activities I enjoy:

Giving golden


Inflicting pain

Having my tiny tits and big ass worshiped

Being worshiped like a Goddess

Being served with you on your knees

Prostrate massage

Dirty talk

Food play & splooshing (ask about my pie fetish)

Age play and role play fantasy


Ass worship

Foot love





Cross-dressing (both of us)


Making you my cuckold

Second dates might include Strap on

Making you my bitch

Public humiliation

Play parties and couples worskshops/coaching

Fem Dom Travel – domestic & international (US Passport holder)

Ask about my CFNM sessions — they are nearly half the VIP rate!

email for details

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Kinky tour on Airbnb experiences

Yes, you read that right. They are progressive enough to know that this sort of role play makes great theater. And, who doesn’t want a little theater experience on their vacation.

We’ll be visiting various dungeons and playspaces in SF and Oakland California in order to give people a glimpse  behind the scenes of the BDSM scene in the Bay Area. It’s pretty much the same everywhere since the time of the Marquis de Sade (looking forward to seeing how many ask the right question here ;).

Call 510-323-0075 today to book your tour or click below. Mal voyage!

Airbnb BDSM experience: