Youtube stifles free speech and human nature

Aaannnnnd I got a strike on my youtube channel

Free speech is just not their thing I guess. I’ve appealed it and I hope you can nudge them too if you agree.

The guidelines they use are so inane. You can read them yourself here. So draconian. Archaic. Backwards. Bullshit

My appeal reads:

The semantics you describe here are ridiculous. Only big name celebrities get away with anything resembling that evil act – SEX! It’s like the Christian Code in movies in the 1930’s. But this is 2020! Is it really your place to enforce this sort of puritanical patriarchy? Everything I do is for entertainment for those over 18. Please start considering freedom of expression while America still has a chance.



Retiring from Escort work

I have officially announced my retirement from Escort work. I no longer offer GFE or Dominatrix sessions. My focus is here:

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Until it’s de-criminalized in the USA this will be the case.

Where should I go if I decide to go back into this particular field of service? Mexico City Mexico are top of mind, though I’d love to live in the Netherlands as well. It all depends on where my grandchildren and only daughter wind up after she graduates. She and the rest of my family are why I went into the Good Work in the first place. I did not want to be a burden.

Fortunately my virtual relationships are blossoming. I have boyfriends that I only text with. We talk about our days, talk dirty, send each other photos. I have a submissive who’s locked in chastity most of the time so I have to check on how “my cock” is doing most days.

If any of this is something you’re interested in please do reach out! 1-510-695-7367

Blessed Be!


3rd Anniversary of being a Minister

It’s all true! I have been a licensed minister for three years. I can perform weddings and funerals and have now founded a church for the purpose of bringing a balance, or perhaps dominance, of feminine energy to our world. That is what Church of the Gemini Goddess is about. We will use whatever means seem necessary to reach our audience without adhering to prescribed rites and rituals. It is a much more fluid sort of experience, though we do have an opening “invocation” that is read (full text here).

There are so many cis men and others who want to show reverence and share similar ideals with those who worship “the goddess” in us all.

At our next service, a guest speaker will be there to tell “her story”. Jacques was born a boy, and is son to a famous rockabilly musician. For those not familiar, that tends to be a very masculine dominated culture. Jacques has another side that has come out more and more with the freedom of age, and that side is known as “Jackie” a beautiful transvestite.  Jacques/Jackie is married to a woman and is heterosexual. But they love all things feminine and admire what it is to be woman so much that they have let that side surface more often. Come here Jackie’s story and talk about why you love the idea of a female led society that looks to the Goddess for guidance, love, nurturing and guidance.


Invocation – Church of Gemini Goddess

From our first meeting of Church of the Gemini Goddess (COGG)

Practicing the Presence of the Goddess: Everyday Rituals to Transform Your World

By Barbara Ardinger

I am the powerful one. I can do whatever must be done.

I can create new life through my body. Under my heart children come to Earth, people come to life. Through my mind, because of my will, ideas come to life, material takes new form. I can do whatever must be done.

I can build and I contain I can plant and I can tend. I am powerful. I can do whatever must be done.

I can go forward and I can resist. I can caress and I can be angry. I am powerful. I can do whatever must be done.

I can nourish and I can punish. I can reserve and I can celebrate. I am powerful. I can do whatever must be done.

I am the darkness and the light and the word and the dance. I am the growth and the Harvest. I am power. I will do whatever must be done.

Exclusive content

Did you know I have all sorts of selfies and custom content available online? Your best source at the moment?

I can also create custom videos and photographs for collectors. That takes time though.

At any rate a big thank you to my fans on Onlyfans and Youtube. I’m getting ready to do some more pantyhose modeling, bikini modeling and foot fetish fun. Join me?



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Passion project update

I promised the Goddess Diega I would jot some things down tonight, so here goes.

Those who were lucky enough to be there at the very start, the very end, and certain parts in the middle had a profound, interesting, challenging, entertaining, vexing, awkward, hilarious night getting to know one another.

The four who sought to embody the Goddess that night were two cis males and two cis females, none of whom were partnered but all of whom were close in more vital ways than sexual.

It unfolded naturally as I handed one man a book and he read a passage, prose, poem or perhaps it might be seen as a spell. The other man was raised by witches and long sought to escape that sort of thing when young, but he remained close in the other room, quietly as it was read aloud.

Afterward a small feast began, along with one of my favored social constructs, passing a smoking pipe full of marijuana (outdoors and not for all).

Diega then hopped back in their chariot, as so often is the case, to retrieve yet another Goddess from afar.

While he was away another Goddess showed up, Francesca Gentille, a mentor of mine and educator mentor many. She arrived dressed in great finery and I felt a little bad that there had been so many last minute cancellations and no shows.  Oh well. We ran into my room and started thumbing through the wardrobe.  Quick change and we were off to take photos in the house my beloved husband Bob Waldron left to me when he died in February of 2019 (more: Bob Waldron Memorial Site)

After Diego was 2nd or 3rd generation Chinese and what a pistol. There was much witty banter, discussion about the possibility of after life, a conscious creator, mainstream religion and other sorts of oppressive organizations that profess to honor women while doing the total opposite. There were a few of us fist pumping that night for the “Femocracy” and decrying the patriarchy, pope and judeochristian dogma in general.

The quiet Goddess we’ll call Christina was a tad envious of Diega’s companion for the night. She learned about what it meant to ask for what you want. Ney DEMAND IT! Quite different than the quiet, servile Chinese women of yore.

Goddess Christina asked me, “Where does Diega find these amazing creatures?!”. We giggled and began to play host which was easy, as we had were married before and did so a fair amount in Oakland CA (they were my 2nd husband then, and still grandpa. More on them later).

I was flattered that our new convert to the ways of what? Amazon women? I don’t know. It’s still evolving but it’s a place where women are revered and simply need to be, and receive the worship, adoration and blessing men would like to bestow upon them. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal now does it?

Our next service is Friday Nov. 15 2019 7pm-10pm at my place in Rodeo CA. Email for details:

Fetlife event link:

Yes it is church but when I host it does not feel formal, but rather fun and provocative. At times sacred. Often humorous. Always profound…

Your donations will make this endeavor possible so please give generously.

Feel free to bring beverage or food to share and gifts for the goddesses like chocolate, flowers etc.

What to expect? An opening reading of an inspirational passage. Possibly a prayer. And a closing circle that is intended to send us along with love in our hearts. In between you’ll have a chance to touch and kiss the feet of several Goddesses, including myself and one T grrl so far. Room for 2 or 3 more Goddesses at this time.

What else? Lively debates are my favorite. And mentoring females in how to enjoy “being queen for a day”. Come join us and talk about why that’s important to you and the human race here on Earth

My account of our first meeting is below.
Blessed be
Goddess Justine aka Badd Gramma


Only for my fans! Along with a few other amazing humans

This is what keeps me going. SUB SUBscribe!

Other favorites

Also, wonder what it would take to be included on this list. Yum!

Top 20: Best Pornstars with Small Tits (2019)








Big announcement!

I have a new project. Always exciting. Though, this one will know no end until the actual end.

I am starting a church for (mostly) female, Goddess, body worship. Some people find it truly sacred. Some profane. But never without feeling or emotion. 
Come be part of this “congregation” which worships the Goddess in a sacred and slightly kinky way (not a sex party). 
Calling it a church for organizational purposes but also because I feel “the call” and have been told by several who will be in attendance, it is needed. I’ve been studying and “praying” on it for some time and even though I might not feel 100% ready or worthy, I’m going ahead with support and love from my community. Make no mistake, the BDSM/Kink community in the SF Bay Area is very special. Words cannot convey just how much. 
Besides, isn’t it about time a woman started a new religion here in America? One that explores duality and our dark or light side or both? One that looks to the great Mother Earth/Universe as opposed to some patriarchal force?! Yeah I think so and would love your feedback support or suggestions.
Note I have several amazing woman who will be there with me. All of varying levels of experience in representing the Goddess one worships. I will let them tag themselves if they desire Blessed be Justine Private message for details and invite

Clothing and customs

Yes! I sell my worn clothing from my films and elsewhere, including my Youtube channel. Are you a subscriber yet? Mostly fun videos, mostly as teasers for my Onlyfans and Fancentro sites. Signing up there makes me so happy!

Badd Gramma aka Goddess Justine

And yes! I have a pro channel on Pornhub with some awesome freebies. Enjoy! They won’t be free forever …