New trolls and haters!!

You know you’re bushing boundaries when this starts to happen. I just got put in YT jail because of it. Or maybe it was a mistake? There’s a major flaw in their interface on Roku. The SUBSCRIBE and FLAG buttons are adjacent to eachother! And perhaps we should keep in mind the term “Flag” means a lot of things, does it not?

Here’s my appeal. Came in at exactly 800 characters (Always write for the space a great publisher once told me. 😉

Here’s what I sent. And for the record I tried hard not show my tiny tits. You’ll see when and if I re-post the video here. I’d rather be creating new content for my onlyfans page instead. That actually helps pay the bills unlike youtube – bloodsuckers!

Dear Youtube Moderators or my livelihood’s Judge Jury and Executioner

Please reconsider. It truly was an accidental nip slip. Do you know how many videos you allow th include such content intentionally? Of course, most of them are young and cute as opposed to older and hot AF. Come on guys. This is ageist, puritanical patriarchial BS. Remove the strike and 90 day penalty please.
PS Did you catch the content Ckiara and I created recently? We talk about you

On another note. There’s a problem with your interface. The SUBSCRIBE and FLAG buttons are right next to eachother. This is probably causing a lot of extra work for ya’ll. I’m looking at it now while watching YT on a Roku app on my livingroom TV (that’s right! I’m a paying customer too).
Think about it. How many times do you think the flag button gets hit instead subscribe

# # #

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Censorship by YouTube creatorsStudio

We all know how ageist and exclusive they can be because they are basically the only game in town. That does not mean I will not try to change things. Should I be quiet just because I am older? There are plenty of sexy young woman gaming, on YouTube and all over. Get over yourselves guys bring my channel back do the right thing

in the meantime enjoy this little rant while modeling and subscribe to my backup channel here

I want my Badd Gramma back! (video)

As you may have noticed my popular youtube channel ( was taken down after too many complaints from the moderators, haters and trolls. I tried to appeal but they denied my re-entry into the worlds largest online video platform at the worst of times.

This has reduced my income and there aren’t too many ways for a 55 year old woman to earn a living with a past like mine.

The youtube channel they so ruthlessly removed with no discussion, helped direct viewers to onlyfans page ( It has taken away my ability to do mainstream work that does not resemble the greatest evil of all in the minds of youtube moderators — SEX WORK (something that should have been decriminalized in the United States of America long ago and not just in certain parts of Nevada). I digress.

Having my channel removed in the middle of a pandemic while the entire state seems to be on fire made me feel pretty awful. It’s no wonder they’ve had youtube creators literally blow their brains out because of just this sort of heavy handed, no appeal policy on the part of Google/Youtube. They are getting richer by the day on the backs of so many artists. Advertising that pays next to nothing. Control over everything you say and do. They are not an artists friend. They have only “elite good taste” and think we should all be like them, or we are inferior. And as a virtual monopoly they simply must be looked at with an anti-trust lens someday soon. Again, I digress.

My guess is that most of the moderators are part of the puritanical patriarchy that currently reigns supreme. They want women to behave and act a certain way at all times. The thought of a grandmother having a sex life is deeply disturbing to them. Or, it’s such a big turn off they just decided it was time to shitcan me and cut off my 150,000 subscribers.

Sad thing is we were a community. We interacted on a regular basis. I was an outlet for the lonely and an inspiration to the dis-empowered older, femme leaning individuals everywhere. When you get to a certain age, those frat boys in Silicon Valley and their minions (the moderators) just want you to disappear. You will not be seen unless you really make an effort. And then many will be shocked, scared and give you a knee jerk, drop kick response.

This could also be classism. I am after all from Oklahoma, West Virginia, Scotch Irish heritage. True hillbillies and “white trash” are all in my ancestry. There are plenty of older women modeling on Youtube but they are quite sanitized. Much more like Mrs. Brady than Peg Bundy. Because those folks at youtube know what classy is and they think that’s what we all want. Coastal Elites have no place in Northern California and the Bay Area. Seeing so many flee SF recently made my heart soar! Again I digress.

If they really want people to “change their wicked ways” perhaps they should consider I was starting to get mainstream work through my “sexy” videos on youtube. If you keep putting people like me in the margins and shadow banning them, it’s almost impossible to pivot out of sex work. They’ve taken away your boots. So, pulling yourself up is a physical impossibility.

In order to put some pressure on them, I need your help. I’ve uploaded a video to my back up channel for you to do your part if able. Please post a video or photo of yourself on youtube or other social networks saying “I want my Badd Gramma back!” and you will receive a personal thank you from me along with a photo of the body part of your choice.

Please take a look, share with everyone you know, and post those videos! Or send them to me at and I will post them on my channel and elsewhere.

Let’s not let them censor us. Let’s tell the government to get out of our bedrooms. Let’s be the change and speak out today!

Thank you my beloved fans and followers here on WordPress!

Much love

Justine tenZeldam, aka Badd Gramma

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