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In case you were wondering. And, no, I don’t get paid for sex I get paid for my time. Do sexy things happen sometimes? Maybe. Yes. No. None of your business!! πŸ˜‰

Greetings seeker of pleasure and carnal knowledge…

What is it you desire?

If it’s a righteous MILF/GILF you come to the right place. Not only do I bring years of experience and know how I am a sensualist, hedonist and always know how to guide things so we both have a great time.

Note: when I’m not here on onlyfans posting intimate photos, video and personally answering fan mail (baddgramma)

Another good place to follow m is instagram (realbaddgramma)

OK. Now for the deets:

One of the greatest compliments ever received was “you are so genuine”. Or “you are the real deal”. I get that a lot. When we meet that’s what you will get a genuine encounter filled with fun romance sensuality silliness and sometimes seriously kinky stuff. What other compliments make me smile? Note I am smart classy mature and fun.

This Grandmother turned Porn Star is ready to make your fantasies come true!


You’ve probably seen me on 50plusMILFS and Pornhub as the American MILF Justine. I’m a young grandma and full of life and lust. Let’s play and learn from one another!

What is it you most desire? You will be seen and heard without judgment here. 

Fully independent. Super low volume. Outcall on occasion.

In case you didn’t hear … when I’m not doing this I’m a fetish model on onlyfanz (baddgramma) and insta (realbaddgramma).

Underneath it all? I’m real woman who loves a regular guy, without regard to looks, size, ethnicity or social status. All I ask it that you are respectful, courteous and clean. 

Experiences are always tailored to the individual client in a safe and inviting space. 


If you are a genuine seeker of carnal knowledge and recognize Female Supremacy we will get along well.

You will need to be verified and pay a deposit online. I only do full hour sessions. If that works for you, read on.

Preview? Check me out on Onlyfan s /baddgramma

I have a beautiful, discreet residence to host you in located Berkeley CA near Shattuck & Ashby.

Additionally I’m able to travel and go to parties such as Kinky Salon and Twist with you if we plan ahead and you are deemed worthy (I am a Dominatrix at heart. Remember that.)

Well spoken classically-trained who likes to hold conversations with people from all walks of life. But smarts are the sexiest in any language!

Feeling shy? Want a preview? Check me out on onlyfanz as BADDGRAMMA

NOTE: I get dozens of inquiries a day and am usually booking 7 to 10 days out. As a bonafide porn star (who does NOT do Greek BTW) you will have the benefit of years of experience and skills in negotiating what will be the most pleasurable experience for use both. If you are patient.


I have been called the Kinky Girlfriend with a heart of gold. Maybe you’ve fallen for me already after seeing my work on 50plusMILFS, MatureNetherlands (

yes Norwegian), WeAreHairy, Allover30 or OlderwomenFun and more.

In real life? Published poet, trained dancer performer, musician, actress. Writing a memoir that you too might be featured in (names changed of course).

Life is my muse. I do this work, in part, to make a statement. Radical honesty about what sex workers are and do is needed. Let’s have that conversation! I have nothing to hide.

No smoking, heavy drinkers or drugs. 420 friendly and I love Indica dominant vape pens if you want to bring a gift.


Your race and ethnicity do not matter to me, just that you’re respectful, a gentleman and/or a worshiper of The Goddess.

Whether on top, topping from the bottom, or reigning down on you the goal is the same – ecstasy for all involved. Reach out today and let’s make your fantasy a reality.


Rest in power Carol Leigh AKA The Scarlet Harlot

I don’t know what I can say hasn’t already been said about this amazing human being. I’m at her briefly at the Sex Worker Film and Art Festival in Oakland California in 2017. That’s us picture here. She was always very pleasant and easy going even with the storied credentials. I’ll definitely miss her when I start to attend events like that again here in the bay area. So what should host a Carolee Memorial Film Festival don’t you think? #sexworker #carolleigh #scarlotharlot #filmfestival #Oakland #sf #Harvard

Tease tease tease

Yes it’s fun playing dress up but when it’s work it can be challenging. I’m always looking for new inspiration and I must start working with others again. I guess my social anxiety really needs to be dealt with.

In the meantime enjoy a few shots.

Podcast survey

I hear Tik Tok is in the news again. I never could get into it. The fact they would not let me have any version of the name Badd Gramma was just galling. I started another channel but knowing how conservative/anti sex they are I could hardly expect to feel anything like true self expression here.

Meanwhile I have lent my image to a “charity” that collects for breast cancer research and I’m not sure why. I guess it was the lure of a spa vacation and pro photo shoot. But those things don’t generally happen for a 57 year old sex worker, so I’d better just stick to my solo porn here:

Twitter is questionable now that Musk took over. He is so extra and I’m so over it. It was a great tool for a while there. I’d accumulated 10,000 genuine followers naturally, and that was in the “shadow banned” area. Then, wham, it came down just like that youtube channel that had 150,000 subscribers.

Now, Instagram seems to be acting more friendly towards adult content creators who link up to fan sites, as long as they have it listed on a separate page like allmylinks.

A podcast would make a lot of sense but it just feels like ONE MORE THING. Now that I’m through with my kidney surgery I’ll have enough energy to really pursue that and furthering my professional career. I may be past certain activities for this lifetime, but that does not mean I can’t go on adventures and try as many new things as possible. My next trip will likely be to CDMX. I was going to travel with a friend but then he started talking about how he wanted to bring his golf clubs to Thailand and fuck around with the caddies, who were actually umbrella girls. They had those in dirtbiking, the sport of choice for her father, brother and me as well. I guess I’ve always admired the erotic/sensualist power archetype since pl*yboy in my childhood in the 1970’s. What a sick man the founder turned out to be. No children or animals EVER. I know the publication was taken over by females on a mission but I’ve not circled back yet. Feeling uneasy about the portrayal of women as sheer objects in most conventional porn, including what I did with the Score Group’s 50plusMILFS franchise (I’m listed simply as Justine there).

I keep hearing how that kind can re-wire a guys brain leaving him with ED, and I’ve had those clients. Sad. Young ones who can’t last or even get it up at times. Or, middle aged guys who just can’t come but keep trying and trying at your expense.

Enough rambling about social media. What platform should I do a podcast on and will it help me distribute it. I’ve reserved a few usernames and an RSS feed for the Femdom Salon, but then I got lost in the weeds. Or, maybe just the weed πŸ˜‰

Pageant loser

Would you believe I was in a beauty pageant in 1979? And that there’s only one photo of me, standing with the “bad boyfriend” who busted his way into windows, doors, boundaries and back into my bed after we’d broken up. After enough “no never means no” scenarios playing themselves out I had given in. 3 weeks later I could tell I was pregnant with my first child. Looking back I’m happy I was pregnant at 17 and a mother 9 days after I turned 18.

There was a kegger the night of my birthday. Everyone had a great time. I sat there and watched everyone else “party”. That’s what we lived for back then in Rancho Cordova and then Los Gatos, the house party. There were some good ones, too, but didn’t matter who or what was being served up. I was determined to do my best to take care of that little unborn bastard that would become my firstborn son.

“When are you getting married,” my mother asked. “Um, we’re not” was my reply. I thought why on earth would I follow up one bad decision with another. I’d already blown it with the French racecar driver from Aptos. Silly girl.

But, then there he was. This beautiful blond haired boy with big bright eyes. First blue, then later brown like his dad who was and still is an HBS man.

Anyway, now’s my chance again. Late. “Late to the party” might as well by my catch phrase. It’s allout Fab wisely, they didn’t put a limit on the age over 40. So here I am, standing in my living room using the timer and the tripod and asking for your vote.

What d’ya say? Click NOW and vote for your favorite GILF, Badd Gramma aka Goddess Justine.

Blessed be,


The death of a faithful companion

It’s never easy, even when you know it’s coming. Scrappy turned 16 in January, but I still thought I could “keep him going” for much longer. I had a friend who owned a Yorkie that lived to 24 so that was the number in my delusional mind LOL.

In the end dementia got him. He was completely blind and deaf as well. All this caused anxiety. Then panic attacks with howling, pacing and no way to comfort him.

I took him to the vet to see if there was anything they could do. Maybe different medications would help. But after counseling me they led me to realize that having him euthanized was the right thing to do. So I stayed as they injected him with a sedative and then something stronger. It’s still kind of a blur.

He will be sorely missed. And the huge vet bill that goes with it is a small price to pay for all the joy he brought me over the years. All the times he photobombed me when I was trying to be super sexy LOL. Here are a few photos, along with my details should you desire donating to his final arrangement costs (yes I am having his ashes returned and will hold a funeral for him).

Thanks for being there my friend. Blessed be.$goddessjustine

Re-platformed then de-platformed AGAIN. Oh youtube

Do they use uncaring bots for this sort of thing? I used to think this was about flagging by mine enemies but who knows. The constant up and downs are not fair to people like me – semi//disabled and unable to find/keep adequate employment. Youtube is the only real game in town so if this “small business owner” wants to compete it’s necessary. To keep those at the bottom of the ladder, on the margins or in other ways distasteful to the self proclaimed cognoscenti at Google/Alphabet/Youtube is dangerous. Dangerous for anyone who might find themselves unable to provide for themselves or their family. You could be me some day! Or you sister, mother, aunt, grandma, daughter …

Here’s the problem with Youtube. They know who I am. We’ve been interacting since the dawn of the internet. From the before time when I was a journalist, techie, instructor and more.

I am a grown ass woman. If I want to make a living on onlyfans who are they to squash me under the name of being “family friendly”. How is pretending sex doesn’t exist good for anyone 15 and over (youtube’s demographic).

Goddess Justine Badd Gramma does what she does as a choice. She’s serving a need, teaching people, learning every day and taking care of herself. Fully independent. Fully informed. Not protected by the big guys. In harms way.

Time for those in tech, privacy and journalism and those who truly have the less fortunate at the mercy to think twice. Time to support the weak instead of trying to keep them down. #fulldecrim #letussurvive #sexworkiswork #fosta #censorship #aclu #onlyfans

The pg-13 channel in question: